female:male ratio in K-3 kids

Tracey Guice guice at HUSC.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Jan 11 19:04:17 EST 1996

Doesn't it bother you (pl.)  that most of the women who wrote in were 
saying the class ratio was 2/3 male?  Does that mean more people are 
trying not to have girl children?
TRacey Guice '96-'97
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On 11 Jan 1996, Jane Dorweiler wrote:

> Whether this phenomenon is widespread or not, the first thing that came to mind 
> when I heard this was the fact that it was about 6 years ago or so that I 
> started to hear theories on how to increase the likelihood of conceiving a child
> of a particular sex by controlling the frequency and/or timing of intercourse 
> relative to ovulation.  Perhaps there just happened to be many couples who were 
> trying for a particular sex child based on these methods??
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