Getting Heard

Linda Kingsbury lab_sakano at
Sat Jan 13 18:59:16 EST 1996

In article <4d6bmp$7j9 at>, Sarah L. Pallas
<spallas at> wrote:

> I am a tenure-track faculty member and the only
> female faculty member of my department.  In a journal club format the
> other day, one of the other faculty asked a question of the group.  I
> answered the question, being careful to speak loudly and forcefully so as
> to be heard.  I was completely ignored.  Immediately, one of the male
> faculty exactly repeated what I said, but HE was acknowledged as having
> answered the question.  
> 2)  How does one respond when one is blatantly ignored for what may be
> sexist reasons?  Even if it may be unintentional?

I have never had this happen to me.  The only thing I can think of to
suggest is that, when the man repeats your response, immediately speak up
in your teaching voice, "Yes! That's exactly what I'm saying!" and then
expand on some point or another.  Question to people who have had this
experience:  Would this approach work?  Would you be accused of "stealing"
the man's idea?

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