female:male ratio in K-3 kids

Terry McTigue tam2731 at usl.edu
Thu Jan 11 15:23:32 EST 1996

sophiewi at uoguelph.ca (Sophie Wilson) wrote:
> Kim Cuddington (kcudding at uoguelph.ca) wrote:
> : I dimly remember something from a biology class that more human males are 
> : conceived than females, but that there is a higher attrition rate for 
> : male fetuses. Perhaps medical techniques, improved nutrition etc are 
> : helping more males survive?? Okay, maybe not!
> : Cheers,
> : Kim
> And I dimly remember from a biology class that as women 
> age, they are more likely to produce female babies than male babies.  Is 
> it possible that the average age of the MOTHERS might be a factor here?

Since sex is determined by the father's contribution to the genetic
material, what could be the mechanism linking the sex ratio to the
mother's age?

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