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Sat Jan 13 15:37:24 EST 1996

Sarah L. Pallas wrote:
> .....(snip).....
> This reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons
> where a board meeting is taking place, and one woman 
> plus lots of men are sitting around the table discussing 
> business.  The woman offers a  suggestion, and the chairman 
>  of the board says "That's a great idea, Ms.
> Brown, would one of the men care to suggest it?"
> So the questions are :
> 1)  How does one get HEARD in male groups?
> 2)  How does one respond when one is blatantly ignored for
>  what may be  sexist reasons?  Even if it may be unintentional?

I dont know the answer to this;  the first time I experienced such 
behavior was in grad school where it was rather common, especially 
among the students; and I have experienced it since--not 
often enough  to be frequent,  but often enough to be not-uncommon.
 Like Sarah,  I'm a junior faculty member.  

The flip side of this response is
the attitude that if you are asking  questions, you are
being unreasonably aggressive (whereas the men are just asking 
good questions.)

Aside:  have you ever considered how much NICER science would be
if we removed the egos from it?


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