Getting Heard

Dorothee Guenzel guenzel at
Sun Jan 14 13:13:53 EST 1996

On 14 Jan 1996 16:48:10 GMT, Nicole M. van Dam wrote:

>This kind of thing happened to 
>me several times when discussing my research with very dominant male 
>professors. I would suggest a certain approach for an experiment, they 
>would ignore it for a while and at the end of the conversation they would 
>repeat my proposal as if they had suggested it themselves.

Dear Nicole,

but then, how do you respond to such behaviour? Do you just ignore it or 
do you "make a fuzz" about it?

>Other male 
>professors I worked with did not do such a thing and would acknowledge my 
>input directly.

That's true, it doesn't have to be like this! I am now working in a 
different lab, still with a male professor, but it never happened to me 

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