Getting Heard

Nicole M. van Dam nmvandam at
Sun Jan 14 11:48:10 EST 1996

"Dorothee Guenzel" <guenzel at> wrote:
>The only thing that maybe comes close to having my idea "stolen" in the 
>way discussed here, happend when I was an undergrad. At the end of our 
>undergrad studies we have to do a research project which lasts for about 
>one year. During that periond I was discussing some results with my boss 
>and he asked me how I would interpret them, and I told him. A few day 
>later, when we talked during coffee-brake he said: as I told you recently, 
>I would interpret your results such and such... - just what I had said >to him before. As it was in front of all the others, I just didn't know how 
>to respond. It still annoys me today when I think back! But I think that 
>this situation was rather typical for behaviour within a hierarchy, not 
>because I am female and he is male.

Dear Dorothee,

I think your are right: this is probably behaviour related to 
your and their position in the hierachy. This kind of thing happened to 
me several times when discussing my research with very dominant male 
professors. I would suggest a certain approach for an experiment, they 
would ignore it for a while and at the end of the conversation they would 
repeat my proposal as if they had suggested it themselves. Other male 
professors I worked with did not do such a thing and would acknowledge my 
input directly.

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