Getting Heard

Dianna L. Bourke dlb17 at PSU.EDU
Mon Jan 15 18:51:51 EST 1996


My WOMAN graduate advisor also did this, however, her turnaround time was
much longer. It got to the point where another graduate student and I used
to plant ideas and protocols into conversations months in advance in order
to do the experiments we wanted to do. Eventually she would come to us and
tell us she had "just had a great idea" and we should try the protocol we
had suggested months before. I guess it was ok when it was HER idea. If we
had mentioned that we had previously suggested it, she could never
remember, so we just gave up. This is not my preferred way of working, but
if you have to put up with this kind of bullpucky, you might as well turn
it to your advantage!


>I think your are right: this is probably behaviour related to
>your and their position in the hierachy. This kind of thing happened to
>me several times when discussing my research with very dominant male
>professors. I would suggest a certain approach for an experiment, they
>would ignore it for a while and at the end of the conversation they would
>repeat my proposal as if they had suggested it themselves. Other male
>professors I worked with did not do such a thing and would acknowledge my
>input directly.

Dianna L. Bourke
Penn State Hazleton

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