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Galloway Cynthia M kfcmg00 at TAIU.EDU
Mon Jan 15 09:30:52 EST 1996

On the subject of GETTING HEARD that has been bounced back and forth 

I have had this experience many times in the past and am 
currently working in a department where this goes on all the time.  I am 
the only tenure track female in the department and am currently up for 
tenure.  I make sure that the people who are most influential on 
voting on my tenure are aware of this practice so that I can be judged 
accordingly.  Luckily, the person who is most guilty of ignoring, or just 
not hearing, what I am saying is no longer department chair.  Others in 
the department have commented many times about the treatment I get from 
one person in particular and have even done so in departmental meetings 
but, it hasn't seemed to make a difference.  I think some people are so 
insecure and feel so threatened that they go out of their way to belittle 

The only way I really got the whole department's attention was in one of 
the first faculty meetings.  Everyone was talking and I couldn't get 
anyone to let me speak so, I hit the table with my fist.  The "table" was 
hollow core and boy did it make a noise.  Everyone stopped talking and 
looked at me so, I said what I had to say.  We now meet in a room with 
desks and no table so, I can't get attention that way again!!

I get most of my points across one-on-one.


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