Getting Heard

Pat Wilson paw at
Sun Jan 14 19:08:21 EST 1996

Sarah L. Pallas <spallas at> writes:

>So the questions are :
>1)  How does one get HEARD in male groups?
>2)  How does one respond when one is blatantly ignored for what may be
>sexist reasons?  Even if it may be unintentional?

In a similar situation, I enlisted the help of a male who _was_
often heard.  After I convinced him that this sort of thing was,
in fact, going on (he he'd heard it, either), we started to tag-team -
I'd make a suggestion, we'd wait, and then he'd make the same
suggestion, including the words "As Pat said...".  Eventually,
it worked.

sigh.  It's certainly a pain, isn't it? 

Pat Wilson
paw at

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