Getting Heard

BLPfister blpfister at
Mon Jan 15 02:00:29 EST 1996

In a previous reply Chris Boake wrote:

"With a cooperative male colleague, one could have quite a lot of fun with
such jerks.  Whenever some comment of yours is ignored, =
the colleague could repeat it; if it is recognized, you could both point
out what had just happened.  I suspect that public embarras=
sment might result in successful behavior modification by the offender. "

 - That is fabulous!  I would love to do that sometime.  I'm definitely
familiar with this situation, but luckily I know there are also plenty of
men who notice these inequities just as well as we do.  

As an aside, I'd like to relay a short story:  the other day I was in the
commons on campus eating lunch and observing a group of people comprised
of one white female, young, casually dressed, three white males, two young
& one middle aged, all in suits, and one black male, not as old as the
middle aged man, wearing a short sleeved button-down shirt and slacks. 
The young suited men were outgoing, jocular, and only made eye contact
with the older man.  The young woman was pretty much ignored and spent
most of her time nodding and looking serious.  When the black man spoke,
everyone except the older man would look attentively at him for what
seemed an appropriate amount of time, then they seemed to go right back to
checking on whether the older man liked what he'd said.  The older man did
not make any eye contact with the woman or the black man.  Well, I just
was fascinated by the whole thing.
That's the end of my story.

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