sex ratio and sperm counts...

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Mon Jan 15 22:45:11 EST 1996

Hello - 

	The discussion on sex ratios has been very interesting to read - 
I just wanted to suggest another interesting facet to this discussion... 
the so-called diminishing sperm count (controversially associated with 
dioxin or estrogen-like compounds... if real or significant at all).  
Anyway - the 1/15/96 New Yorker has an excellent article summarizing 
several general articles and makes for interesting reading on the 
subject.  I just couldn't help thinking of the whole thing as some 
reverse-sex Handmaid's Tale.  Enjoy.  


PS - Thanks to all who have written me on the PhD encouragement 
question.  I was going to post some summaries of the individual notes I 
received but I got a bunch today... so maybe I'll wait a little more.  

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