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Sarah L. Pallas (spallas at wrote:
: In article <4dbish$ft6 at> Chris Boake, boake at
: writes:
: >  With a cooperative male colleague, one could have quite a lot of fun
: with 
: >such jerks.  Whenever some comment of yours is ignored, =

: This is a wonderful idea, and I will point out that Pat Wilson also had
: this idea, so as not to be guilty of the same behavior I'm complaining
: about.  Now all I need to do is find a cooperative male
: colleague.........  Yeah, right.
: Sarah

I think that a cooperative female colleague could work in this case,
too -- just having another person repeat the statement will make
it more likely that the statement will be heard. And it is a little
worrisome that the plan of a "cooperative male colleague" could
backfire, and for the department to think that the women are
unwilling to speak for themselves, or that they need to be

By having a friend repeat the comment, and give you attribution,
the desired effect (of getting heard and getting credit) might be
possible without taking the risk of ending up being the "woman
behind the man"

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