RFD for a new sci.med newsgroup

steve darnaud hvpsbd at vaxa.hofstra.edu
Tue Jan 16 16:00:57 EST 1996

                  REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
            unmoderated group sci.med.surgery.plastic
This is a formal request for discussion (RFD) for the creation
of an unmoderated newsgroup related to plastic and reconstructive
surgery as follows:

Group Name:    sci.med.surgery.plastic
Status:        unmoderated
Distribution:  worldwide
Proposer:      Steve Darnaud <hvpsbd at hofstra.edu>
Mentor:        Christopher Stone <cbstone at phoenix.princeton.edu>

This is not a call for votes.  Please do not vote now.

          RATIONALE:     sci.med.surgery.plastic

Although there are mailing lists and other sci.med newsgroups
which address different aspects of the medical profession, there
is no usenet-based newsgroup to discuss plastic surgery.

          CHARTER:       sci.med.surgery.plastic

Sci.med.surgery.plastic is intended to be an unmoderated arena
for discussions relevant to plastic and reconstructive surgery.

This group is created to provide a forum for information, ideas,
issues and experiences regarding plastic and reconstructive
surgery.  Sci.med.surgery.plastic is designed for professionals
as well as laypeople, and is anticipated to have a broad

Topics for discussion include, but not limited to:

          * Argon, carbon-dioxide and copper vapor lasers.
          * Hemangiomas, vascular malformations and other
          * Procedures, innovations and results in endoscopic,
            microvascular and other reconstructive surgeries.
          * Scars, skin-grafts, breast implants, etc.
          * Dermabrasion and cryosurgery.
          * Cleft lip and palate, craniofacial synostosis and
          * Other multi-disciplinary sectors - Dermatology,
            Hematology and Ophthalmology.

          END CHARTER.


Please post any response to this message to the usenet newsgroup,
"news.groups.".  If you use the follow up feature on your
newsreader, this should happen automatically.  All discussions
about the merits of this proposal should appear on news.groups.

Unless the discussion indicates a need to resubmit a new RFD, a
call for votes, (CFV) will be posted approximately four weeks
after the posting of this RFD.  Please do not post any votes now.
When the CFV is posted, instructions will be given on how to mail
your votes to the independent vote counter.


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Once again, this is not a call for votes (CFV).  Please do not
vote at this time.

Thank you.

Steve Darnaud  <hvpsbd at hofstra.edu> 

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