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madsel01 at madsel01 at
Fri Jan 19 09:44:22 EST 1996

In response to Marguerite,
I'm glad you have the time to keep up and respond to posts quickly. 
This is a luxury some of us do not have.  Later posts under the
'getting heard' tag have been very enlightning and thought provoking
for me.  Threads often do last a long time in this group partly
because there are many different viewpoints.  If a thread has become
dull for you start a new one.  Don't read the 'getting heard' one, use
the subject line as a quick screening of what will interest you.

Lisa M. Madsen
Department of Microbiology
NYU Medical Center

>I replied to the "getting heard" situation well over a week ago.  Can
>we get onto a new topic please?  I can understand why some people
>"unsubscribe" to this newsgroup if the same old thing gets rehashed
>all the time.
>Marguerite Evans
>School of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
>UNSW  Sydney  2052

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