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>>Please stop flogging the dead horse and get on with it!
>  For those of you new to the group - It is not unusual for discussions to
>last several weeks, or even as long as a month if the people are
>interested.  Nothing forces anyone to read all of the posts in a given
>thread if they get bored before the rest of the group.  Additionally,
>nothing stops anyone from starting a new thread (most of us are capable of
>following several).
>  Given the busy lives of most of us, it is often difficult for everyone to
>keep up with the group every single day.  This is especially true after an
>extended holiday (I had over 73 messages waiting for me when I returned
>from break!).  Personally, I have found some of the contributions to the
>thread in the last few days to be very pertinent.

And, it helps to remember that messages arrive at different news 
sites with different timing.  It is not uncommon to see the replies
to a message days in advance of seeing the original message, when
accessing the group by a news host.  I think a little forbearance
is required (and if you want beating a dead horse, over at rec.arts.
theatre.musicals they have been having the "is sondheim or lloyd 
webber better?" thread for YEARS now.... ;-)

For those getting their mailboxes stuffed with messages, it's worth
looking into accessing the board through a news host, or 
through the web since bionet now has web access; these are alternatives
to being on the email list which provide a less frustrating means
of skipping obtrusive threads.


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