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I think "forceful" and POWERful is the point.  The issue seems to be one 
of power and control.  This is a good example of 'subtle' - 
not so subtle really - discrimination against anyone the people in 
'power' do not want to hear.  The chair of the committee has 
responsibility to see that the views of the members are heard as they are 
offered.  So often people do not do their jobs (men and women).  Pathetic, 
but true.  If _anyone_ is in the room when this happens actually all are 
responsible and COMPLICIT in ignoring the situation.  So, if this 
happens when you are present -  SPEAK UP AND LET THEM KNOW PLAGIARISM IS 
WRONG - ALWAYS!!!!  But maybe without shouting...  a simple, "as Jane Doe 
said...." or "I think Jane Doe had a great idea which was repeated here 
by John Doe and I think Jane deserves a lot of credit for what we all 
agree is a wonderful idea"

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I work in a male dominated field.  Forestry....at meetings the same
things happen to me.  I would love to know how to make my voice heard
loud and clear without sounding forceful.

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>>Something happened to me the other day which happens often enough that
>>I'd like some feedback.  I am a tenure-track faculty member and the only
>>female faculty member of my department.  In a journal club format the
>>other day, one of the other faculty asked a question of the group.  I
>>answered the question, being careful to speak loudly and forcefully so as
>>to be heard.  I was completely ignored.  Immediately, one of the male
>>faculty exactly repeated what I said, but HE was acknowledged as having
>>answered the question.
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