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I cannot help but respond to Lisa Madsen...

> I'm glad you have the time to keep up and respond to posts quickly.
> This is a luxury some of us do not have.
I try to keep up with all email daily - I come in early to do so 
and I have read each of the "getting heard" in the hope that there may be 
something more constructive than recruiting male conspirators to overcome 
the problem!  If men behaved like this (and some do) what would women 
think!  I am afraid I don't think it is the answer to the problem (and I 
have already said what I think MAY help...) and it saddens me to think 
that so many learned women are willing to resort to such tactics!  I 
think if someone doesn't wish to acknowledge you/your ideas after you 
have stood up, introduced yourself and said what you think, then it's 
their loss and a bad reflection on them - not you.

> Later posts under the
>'getting heard' tag have been very enlightning and thought provoking
> for me.  Threads often do last a long time in this group partly
> because there are many different viewpoints.
I am glad you enjoyed it...but it was getting reasonably repetitive
to me...

> If a thread has become
> dull for you start a new one.  Don't read the 'getting heard' one, use
> the subject line as a quick screening of what will interest you.
Good idea....I would actually like to ask women in senior positions (lab 
head etc...) about their strategy for people management.  Do you get to 
know each of your students/staff on a relatively personal level, or it is 
completely professional - what do you find works best for you?  Women 
"managers" are no doubt very different to male...but I have only ever had 
male "managers".  I would be interested to know - from a woman's point of 
view - how they handle different problems in the lab.

I hope I hear from someone....


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