Management Styles....a new thread?

Jennifer L. Potter jras at
Sat Jan 20 20:22:24 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to restate a question brought up in the "get on with it"
thread originally brought up by M. Evans.

Question:  What are the keys to people management in the lab?  I have
personally experienced a variety of managment styles, none of which I
have found to be particularly successful when used on myself or others, 
or that I would feel comfortable emulating if/when I am in the boss' 
shoes.  I worry that I would be too much of a "softie" when it comes to 
dealing with the people under me....or that I would swing too far the 
other way and be a B****.  How to achieve balance?  Does your management 
style get misinterpreted because you're a woman?

Any and all comments are appreciated and welcomed.

I am rather new to this newsgroup and hope that it will provide a means 
for some electronic mentoring.

Jennifer L. Potter
Med. College of WI
Dept. Biochemistry  

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