Power was Getting Heard

THoneyc394 thoneyc394 at aol.com
Sun Jan 21 02:41:48 EST 1996

My experience in the university setting in VERY tight quarters with deans
of  the many schools gave me a window into how both genders use power and
why they were perceived as having power. Those with the greatest power
were distant, unpredictable, cruel -  warming only to reward those they
would later "eat alive" in committee. For a collection of people who
aspired to be developed and elevated, it was disheartening.  They were
restless in the face of  others' good work, often they pitted their peers
and students against one another . However, within the student realm there
were those who knew themselves and had the strength to be challenged by
hope - whose power did not lie in fear/supression of human potential.
These quietly/carefully set peers and students free... then added faith
and genuine, well placed praise. As an educator myself, I realized they
had adapted to their environment, had evolved and created a niche
untouched by the musk of negative power. Sometimes enlightenment comes
dressed as a dragon.

Kyla Bjornagne

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