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On 20 Jan 1996, Joy Frestedt wrote:

> I think "forceful" and POWERful is the point.  The issue seems to be one 
> of power and control.  This is a good example of 'subtle' - 
> not so subtle really - discrimination against anyone the people in 
> 'power' do not want to hear.  The chair of the committee has 
> responsibility to see that the views of the members are heard as they are 
> offered.  So often people do not do their jobs (men and women).  Pathetic, 
> but true.  If _anyone_ is in the room when this happens actually all are 
> responsible and COMPLICIT in ignoring the situation.  So, if this 
> happens when you are present -  SPEAK UP AND LET THEM KNOW PLAGIARISM IS 
> WRONG - ALWAYS!!!!  But maybe without shouting...  a simple, "as Jane Doe 
> said...." or "I think Jane Doe had a great idea which was repeated here 
> by John Doe and I think Jane deserves a lot of credit for what we all 
> agree is a wonderful idea"
>    Joy
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> I work in a male dominated field.  Forestry....at meetings the same
> things happen to me.  I would love to know how to make my voice heard
> loud and clear without sounding forceful.
> jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu wrote:
> >In article <4d6bmp$7j9 at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu>, Sarah L. Pallas <spallas at bcm.tmc.edu> writes:
> >>Something happened to me the other day which happens often enough that
> >>I'd like some feedback.  I am a tenure-track faculty member and the only
> >>female faculty member of my department.  In a journal club format the
> >>other day, one of the other faculty asked a question of the group.  I
> >>answered the question, being careful to speak loudly and forcefully so as
> >>to be heard.  I was completely ignored.  Immediately, one of the male
> >>faculty exactly repeated what I said, but HE was acknowledged as having
> >>answered the question.
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