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Sun Jan 21 00:21:00 EST 1996

In a previous article, jjoy at ("Janet Joy") says:

>I found the comment by the "male conspirator" about speaking slowly and looking
>straight at people to be the among the most useful advice on this entire 
>thread. It works!  I do think it's important not to confuse speaking 
>styles that come from insecurity (little eye contact, rushed speech, and 
>other self-diminishing >behaviors) with female speaking styles in 
>general.  After all, when talking among women friends
>how many of you DON'T make eye contact?

Two things; first, I didn't realize that there was a conspiracy in
progress, I just thought I was helping out some people who were
having difficulty being heard (listened to). Second, there is a difference 
between "rushed" speech (due to insecurity) and the phenomenon of
which I spoke. I am not saying that women "rush" their speech. I am
saying that I have observed a trend of noticable difference between
men and women's speaking velocity. In other words, women (in many cases)
speak faster, not because they are insecure, nervous, or whatever,
but because they have either been socially or possibly biologically
conditioned to do so. Try the experiment I spoke of, 2 women having
a social conversation (where there is no nervousness, insecurity, etc.)
speak much quicker (words/min) than 2 men having a similar conversation.
It's not good, bad, or self-diminishing (as you call it), I think that
it's just natural, and possibly, in some way, at the root of the
problem being discussed. I honestly don't believe that the "good ole
boy network" conspiring to ignore women is near as common as many women 
believe. It just may appear that way because men, when faced with an
auditory data overload, tend to "tune out" and seem to not care.

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