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Sun Jan 21 16:00:32 EST 1996

M. Doreen Jones wrote:
> It is indeed a sad state of affairs when half the population feels
 > that in order to succeed they must change their behavior to adapt
> to that of the other half...I'm just not comfortable with the 
>  whole thing. ......
> .....(snip)............ after 35 
>  years I feel that because I want to succeed in my career I
> am being coerced into acting in ways that I find borderline 
>  unethical and simply arrogant.

Hear hear!!!!!!!
I feel VERY much the same way and it frustrates me immensely.  why 
should I have to act like these people in order to get my 
accomplishments recognized?    i dont want to be an arrogant pushy 
jerk. The further I go in this profession the more I despair at the 
evident necessity of this behaviour and its success.  

> I guess my final question to all is:  "Can one succeed in a career 
>  without playing hardball?"
I think the problem is that those  with the power and 
influence do play hardball, and reward those who behave the same  

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