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Mon Jan 22 11:57:43 EST 1996

Sarah writes:
> I know that I feel there is very little professionalism in 
> academics when it comes to whole departments dealing/not dealing 
>  with the harsher-styled managers and students who get lost in 
>  the process.

I think a big part of the problem is the use-them-and-lose-them 
attitude;  students and postdocs become commodities to some people
who care only about the 3-5 years of work to get out of them and
not about their education or their future.
This owes a lot to the current aberration of big labs 
churning out the data and each pair of hands a research automaton. 

Perhaps the shrinking of science (which is happening now) will 
ameliorate some of the problem;  students will be come rarer and 
thus more valued and taken care of.

Or maybe I'm just dreaming.


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