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On 22 Jan 1996, Carol Auer wrote:

> Hello
> I would also like to hear from people who manage lab technicians and 
> students.  I am a relatively new faculty member and the only woman 
> scientist in my department.  I find the management of students and 
> technicians to be one of the things I like the least.  I have never 
> had leadership or management training.
> What is the 
> best way to interact with these people?  Do you interact on a 

these people???  that's the first problem...students and techinicians are 
not "kinds" of people...treat them as equal human beings - don't be all 
stuck up because that will only make them feel uncomfortable around 
you....act yourself but at the same time you have to be assertive and 
stand up for your goals and what you expect from them....think of a 
professor or manager you have had in the past, whether it be from 
highschool, college, or a summer job while you were in school - what 
qualities did you like, dislike, and incorporate those into your own 
personal style - that way *you* will feel comfortable as well

> personal level or in a very distant, professional way?  How do you 
> develop a thick skin for the times when people disappoint you or act 

careful of thick don't want to get a "label"

> inappropriately?  Is there some kind of training program which helps 
> develop people/managerial skills?

there should be a few books around on the subject...ask someone in the 
managerial/accounting/business dept at UCONN

> BTW, I enjoyed the thread about being recognized in groups.  
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hope this helps....even though i am only a student - i have had many 
leadership positions through out highschool (where i learned my many 
lessons) and in college more important leadership positions came - i'm 
sure it's nothing like being  a professor or dept. head...but while i did 
an internship last summer in a professional atmosphere - i realized that 
even those types of atmospheres can be immature, and people act the same 
way as they did in college or highschool (gossipping, trashing the 
managers, not respecting others...etc..)  hey - good luck!! you'll be fine

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