lab management

Carol Auer CAUER at
Thu Jan 25 13:07:12 EST 1996


Thanks to everyone who responded about how to manage people in the 
research lab environment.  Everyone seemed to mention the importance 
of communication.  Nobody had taken any formal management training, 
although a few people suggested reading books.  The biggest barrier 
to communication is time.  People have to be very efficient in 
managing a lab and this means there isn't enough time for everyone to 
air frustrations, life problems etc.  A good suggestion was having 
weekly lab meetings where the mentor listens and everyone discusses 
their problems in the lab.  The mentor does not have to have answers 
for everything all of the time.

Comments were divided about how close to be to graduate students.  
Some people favored a very caring relationship while others said to 
keep a distance.

Finally, it was suggested that interacting with people is a life-long 
process and it is never perfected.  Good advice from everyone - 

Carol Auer
Dept. of Plant Science
Univ. of Connecticut

PS In response to Gus's question about why I am the only woman in my 
department -  I wish I knew the answer.  Actually, I would rather not 
dwell on that issue and just get on with my work.  Thankfully, there 
are other women scientists on campus.

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