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Thu Jan 25 11:00:47 EST 1996

Gus McTavish wrote:
>  CAUER at ("Carol Auer") says:
> >
> >I am a relatively new faculty member and the only woman
> >scientist in my department.
> Why are you the only woman in this department????
Maybe Gus isnt familiar with academics. It is not uncommon
for women faculty to be the ONLY women faculty in their 
department. I am the only woman assistant professor in my 
Institute,  although not the only woman in my department.

Did anyone see the new SCIENCE reporting on a study of
women scientists?  Amongst the other interesting facts was the
observation that 70% of men, but only 50% of women, think they
are above average, and that women scientists are more likely
to drop out if they worked for a woman than for a man (the
comment was that by working for a woman, they saw how much 
women have to sacrifice rlative to men)

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