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In article <A8D3692E66 at>, CAUER at ("Carol Auer") says:
>I would also like to hear from people who manage lab technicians and 
>students.  I am a relatively new faculty member and the only woman 
>scientist in my department.

Why are you the only woman in this department????

  I find the management of students and 
>technicians to be one of the things I like the least.  I have never 
>had leadership or management training. 

>What is the 
>best way to interact with these people?  Do you interact on a 
>personal level or in a very distant, professional way?

There is an appropriate time and place to relate to your staff, within your professionsl capacity,
as well it can be appropriate to relate in a more personal way, however there are pitfalls, and
no sure rule, except that both parties should be respectful of the otheres rights and responsibilities.

  How do you 
>develop a thick skin for the times when people disappoint you or act 
>inappropriately?  Is there some kind of training program which helps 
>develop people/managerial skills?

This is a life skill, rather than a management issue.  We have many relationships in our lives, and the
individuals we choose to have those relationships, often leave us feeling diappointed.  The key is hold
them accountable for there actions, and yourself responsible for not aniticipating and planning for the 
occasional setback - afterall this is life and nothing and nobody is perfect.

Have a look at my comanies web page - it will give you some valuable help in relating to your staff.

Don't worry - I have met very few people who were trained to be managers frior to taking on the responsibility.
The issues will remain for the rest of your life.  

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