A Web Site for Working Women

Susan Smith pizazz at voicenet.com
Thu Jan 25 14:13:15 EST 1996

We are planning on expanding the working woman section in the All 
Business Network into a stand alone site called "women at work".  We've 
searched gopher space, the Web, newsgroups, etc., to find out what is out 
there.  If you have any favorite sites, let me know because I'm sure 
there's some that we missed.  

Also, we'd like to start building editorial content for "women at work" and 
are looking for contributors who would like to share articles, advice, 
how tos to women in business.  We will program and store the info for 
free.  All we ask is that the articles be in ASCII or Word for Windows 
format.  Our intent is to build "women at work"into a content-rich resource 
for business women(more than just links and directory listings). Your 
info and advice is appreciated. 

Susan Smith 

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