Graduate School, Spatial Autocorrelation, and the Landscape Ecology Conf in Texas

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>I am relatively new to this newsgroup, however, this one appealed to me 
>to a good place to start with a few random questions:

Just a couple comments on your 3rd question.  First, I would try very hard NOT to 
chose a school or a postdoc based on geographic location.  You should go to the 
place you think would be the best for your career (well known mentor, excellent 
program in your area of study, most grants, whatever).  If you've got a great 
education from a well-known place, it will make your job search easier and THEN you 
can focus on location because, hopefully, you'll be able to choose among offers.  
If on the other hand, you chose your place to learn based on geography, you might 
be stuck later on.  Second, I don't think it's necessary to decide while an 
undergraduate what you're going to do for the rest of your life.  IMHO, the primary 
purpose of graduate school is to teach the scientific method.  Once you've absorbed 
that, you can use it in any area you choose.  Good luck!

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