Getting Heard

Naomi Marcus 76643.1664 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Jan 26 22:51:19 EST 1996

I've had this happen to me also, in many situations -- not just 
academic.  I think that men don't really hear what women say.  
The words and ideas just lodge someplace in there consciousness 
and they honestly think that they are coming up the idea that was 
originally suggested by the woman.  I'm really glad to see it 
discussed here, because I've never really seen it discussed 
before.  Maybe if more women and men become aware of this 
phenomenon and find ways of pointing it out -- like 
casually referring to "Jim's idea which was originally suggested 
by Amy" --we'll raise some consciousness.  I think that if women 
stand up in an all male group and simply say "Hey, I already said 
that!" it'll just sound like sour-grapes bitching.




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