job searching/academic couples

adestef at BLUEFIN.NET adestef at BLUEFIN.NET
Sun Jan 28 19:27:20 EST 1996

Thanks for all the info, thoughts, opinions and ideas about running a lab and
managing people.  I am hoping to be able to put some of these into pratice
soon, as I am finishing my second year of a postdoc and have applied for several
faculty and industry positions.  I am fortunate to have been asked to interview
at a few of the places I have applied to.  One aspect of the job search that I
am very unsure about is how or when to bring up the fact that my husband 
currently has a tenure track faculty position and that I can not accept a
position unless we know that he will be able to find something also.  We
already spent four (long) years apart while I finished my PhD and he did two
postdocs and started his current job, so we are unwilling to endure another
One suggestion that has been made to me is to make no mention of my husband and
his situation until I have been offered a position.  This seems late to me.  
Do you think I would be hurting my chances at a position if I bring this 
issue up during a first interview?  Who is the appropriate person to 
discuss this with?  Do people think it is appropriate to bring copies of my
husband's CV so it could be circulated to appropriate departments at a
University?    Thanks in advance for your input.  This group has been 
terrific resource for me.


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