managing people

Judith Gibber jrg43 at
Sun Jan 28 22:10:18 EST 1996

I know of one handicapped woman who communicates to her husband in an 
agreed upon code.  You might find it useful to adapt something like this:

"Please do it NOW," means right away
"Please do it SOON" means sometime in the next 10 minutes 
"Please do it THIS MORNING" means whenever you have a chance

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996,  wrote:

> What I find most difficult at the moment is that one of the 
> students who just started his project in our lab, is confined 
> to an electric wheel chair. Although he manages the experiments 
> well, he needs help eg for making solutions etc. That wouldn't 
> be a problem, if he would simply tell us what he needed. But he 
> always seems to think that he is asking for a great favour. 
> Even if he simply needs having something handed down, it is not 
> "can you please pass me the..." but "It would be very nice if 
> you could maybe give me the ..., but only if you have got the 
> time just now...". As this is quite getting on the nerves of 
> the other students, I have tried to talk to him, but he doesn't 
> seem to understand what I mean and why the others think there 
> is a problem. Although this probably sounds like something 
> which is easy to solve I find it pretty hard because we are 
> (over?)-cautious not to hurt his feelings and he is cautious 
> not to be in our way and I don't know how to get the whole 
> group to relax a bit.
> I would be quite happy if anyone has faced a similar situation 
> and can give me some advice.
> Dorothee

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