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> Hello there.  I am new to this group, so bear with me if I give some
> ideas that have already appeared.  I have read some of the "getting
> heard" articles and can relate to most of them.  The problem seems
> to be about recognition of original thinking, and that problems
> stemmed from female speech mannerisms.
>    What about the situations in which you vent your ideas?  For
> example, if you come up with some great idea, do you mention it the
> first chance you can, ie, 9:00 am, as your supervisor enters the
> room?  When the person has the day's work on their mind?  Or do you
> say, "Dr. XYZ, may I have a few minutes of your time this afternoon
> to discuss an idea I have?" I think the latter is the best approach.
> And if they try to discuss it right away, simply say you need time
> to prepare your thoughts, etc.
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(I Don't know if this message will come out OK, but here goes anyway -)
The best advice I can give is if you do have a good idea, by all means
share it at any time you think is appropriate.  However, it is often
better to do a little more work on an idea before you present it
(otherwise you run the risk of receiving a "... well I'd thought of that
anyway ..." response).  Further, if you do share an idea (particularly an
innovative idea) RECORD/DOCUMENT that the idea was discussed and who with
etc in your diary to cover yourself later (for those extreme cases when
intellectual property rights may become an issue) Sometimes time (and
money) has a surprising way of changing peoples' perceptions of
intellectual development of ideas

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