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>>>>Studying the cultural ties of women in some ethnic groups who crave
>earth/earthen material in pregnancy. Have found some releationship to
>clays in S. America and history of clay tablets from certain places in
>Mexico - nutrients are equal to those minerals found in pregnancy
>vitamins. Some practices originate in Africa and were brought to south by
>displaced african american women in the S. USA. Looking for archeological
>connections in physical anthropology to back up through human history.
>Anyone familiar with this practice, please share.<<<

Areas of north Louisiana and southern Arkansas, early settlement ... say 
1700-1900, this was a common practice among men, women and children.  It 
probably was a vitamin deficiency, or maybe just a way of filling an empty 
stomach, but they had to have picked up the habit from someone or 

Martha Lanclos (mcl7821 at ucs.usl.edu)

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