Getting Heard, get on with it

amurray amurray at
Tue Jan 30 16:37:57 EST 1996

Having just come from a meeting where many of the behaviours
previously noted during this thread have occurred, I thought
I'd add my 2 cents' worth.  At this meeting, there was one person
(male) who typified the earlier-mentioned person who is very vocal,
and then talks to a neighbour when other people are speaking; and
other  people who were "talked over" and all the other types we have
been complaining about (I only made it through this meeting by
people-watching, instead of listening!).  But the one comment I'd
like to make, is that none of the behaviours were gender-specific.
Women were ignored the same as men, PhD's were ignored just like
high-school graduates, and people representing different areas of
the institution were equally ignored.  At least here, we're all
treated with true equality!

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