high heel requirement at work?

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Tue Jan 30 23:26:50 EST 1996

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>I would be interested to know if anyone here has had a job where there was a
>requirement to wear heels, and if so, how did you feel about/cope with it? 
>Seventeen years ago I shared an apartment with a cocktail waitress that had an
>intimate love-hate relationship with the 3.5" heels that she wore to work. 
>There was a requirement that all waitresses wear shoes with =>2" heels, but
>after working a while she noticed that the higher her heels, the more tips she
>made and that at 3.5" she was earning about 50% more per hour than at 2".  She
>absolutely hated wearing those shoes, used to come home from work with her
>feet all cramped and throbbing and soaked them for a half hour after she got
>home, but would never consider switching to 2" heels because of the extra
>money she was making, even though at her heel height, 2" was even more
>comfortable than flats (she used to casually walk around the apartment in 2
>inch slippers/mules).  She worked there for about 6 years total, so she
>mustn't have hated wearing those shoes that much.
>Also, I'm thinking that in today's legal climate, an employee who had a high
>heel requirement imposed on her, and who then developed foot problems, might
>have grounds for a workers compensation suit.  (I remember a case of where
>someone got $5000 because her finger was injured from repetitive key punching
>over 30 years of working as a grocery cashier, so stranger things have
>happened in legal la la land.)
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 Anyone have stories or opinions to share?

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