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cathy.jones at cathy.jones at
Fri Jan 26 10:06:39 EST 1996

I wanted to get some feedback from this group re: going
back to school in your late thirties.

In high school, I had an old-fashioned counselor who
thought that I would be happier taking typing and
home ec classes even tho my skills and interests always
tested out high in science. I've denied that science
interest for 20 years, but have finally decided to try
and do something about it.

I'm taking entry level courses in biology, chemistry;
soon I'll try physics and calculus; all of this at a
community college in the Bay Area, CA.

What I'd like to know is if anyone has experience with
moving back into heavy academics after working for 15
years? Did you find college life difficult? Did you 
continue to work and then find a school that fit the
schedule you wanted? How long did it take? What schools
did you end up at?

Thanks for any help. 

Cathy Jones
cathy.jones at at CHUB1

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