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Cindy Gustafson-Brown cgb at JEEVES.UCSD.EDU
Tue Jul 16 15:41:35 EST 1996

>I am currently a pre-med student and am seriously thinking of switching
>to veterinary medicine. I can use all the guidance any kind soul could
>offer in regards to schooling and earnings to be expected. I am
>particularly wonderring if my premed curriculum is interchangeable with
>the veterinary curriculum. I am also curious to know if there is an exam
>like the mcat. Any help is completely appreciated.
>Lana Ane

I am curious about an attitude toward vets which I am becoming aware of in
the health profession. My sister just graduated from vet school and moved
to San Diego. From what she tells me, those in human health tend to look
down their noses at vets, despite the more rigorous competition to get into
vet school than to get into med school.

A recent trivial, although illuminating example:

When sister was 4 months pregnant, she was calling doctors' offices about
prenatal care.  Usually the staff were very professional, but at one office
the nurse asked first, not how she knew she was pregnant (usual question),
but about the first day of her last period. After answering, my sister said
that she also knew her due date. The nurse asked how she could know such a
thing. My sister said she was a vet, and so had a knowledge of medicine and
had researched the standard charts. The nurse laughed and said "Well of
course you can't use an animal chart!" The unbelievable thing was that the
nurse was serious. Apparently this kind of condescension toward vets is a
fairly routine experience.

What's the deal? Is this typical elsewhere?

Cindy Gustafson-Brown
UCSD Biology

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