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Mon Jun 3 18:41:09 EST 1996

Hi everyone,

I'm currently a post-doc (going on my 5th year in the field of molecular
immunology) and have come to realize that although I am fascinated by many
aspects of science-I'm not all that thrilled with bench work anymore
(although I was at ages 25-31 and am 34 now).  Right now I'm in the
process of trying to work out what the ultimate career move might be, and
with all of the difficulties assoicated with academic careers, I'm looking
pretty seriously at jobs in the private sector.  

The overwhelming concern I have about a job in industry is that it seems
most Ph.D.s do continue to work at the bench.  Ultimately, I think I would
be happiest with some type of job where I could do background research
into new scientific areas, or some type of project management, or possibly
something completely different.  

Most of my colleages who have fled the "academic ship" for industry are
either working at the bench or have very high level jobs (they had high
level jobs in academia when they left).  I was hoping to get input from
those of you in industry about the spectrum of non-bench positions (I
realize this will vary tremendously from company to company-but what the
heck-asking never hurt anyone).

Also, I would greatly appreciate input from anyone (with experience in
both academia and industry) who feels that leaving academic life would be
a mistake. 

----Looking for light at the end of the tunnel from those who have escaped
the perpetual post-doc syndrome----


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