Teaching experience

Kathleen Ann Sindt kas4e at galen.med.Virginia.EDU
Wed Jun 5 07:57:31 EST 1996

jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu writes:

> my institution and I have done some additional teaching at another institution
> also laboratory/gross neuroanatomy.... The first position is a more of a TA
> position as the lab has two professors as instructors...the second it is
> myself and one professor teaching the lab, so a little more responsibility. 
> I was wondering what the next step in obtaining teaching experience is and
> how to go about finding the next opportunity...I work in a medical center
> so we have no undergraduates. I would like to tag along with, learn how to
> teach more general biology, or neurobiology from a professor who teaches grad
> or undergraduate level. Or perhaps to get some experience lecturing....

Be assertative.  VERY.  Try the local community college - see
if they need an instructor.  Tell your advisor - they may or
may not be able to help.  Try contacting profs at any other
local college - they may let you teach a small section of a

> stuff I teach now is hands on lab instruction not lecturing. BUt I'm not sure
> how to go about finding these types of opportunities. Any suggestions? Also I

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