Which path do I follow?

CyndeeMont cyndeemont at aol.com
Fri Jun 7 09:06:47 EST 1996

I am a newly graduated registered nurse and I fell in love with
microbiology when I was doing my pre-reqs.  I am currently looking for a
job in medical microbiological research or epidemiology.  I love lab work
but need a nurses salary as I am a single parent of two.  I dont want to
continue in school until I am working and I NEED to get a  job NOW.  I
don't know who to approach to get into the field that I really like and I
know I'll be miserable as a floor nurse.  Any suggestions?  I will
continue my education after I know which way to go.  Please e-mail me with
any advice at all. Thanx.

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