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|> In the US maybe 10 or 15 years ago it was like this, so you just have to
|> wait another decade.  ;-)  Seriously, have you ever considered a move in
|> the short or long term to a more women/children friendly country? 
|> Perhaps the foreign training would make you more valuable to employers if
|> and when you return to Germany.  

I wonder if that can be a solution. How can we ever change things in our 
country if we decide that things are not going to change anyway, and go 
elsewhere? Scientist are not in such short supply that people will say
"Hey, we have got to do something to keep all these women (if there will
ever be that much) from leaving the country." Just to leave is not the
solution, though I admit to consider once in a while to try to move to 
France - things seem to be easier there. But then, I don't have kids yet
anyway, and who knows if I'll ever do...

As to waiting another decade - I have grown pessimist about that - 
there is already a "backlash" going on in this country - and public
opinion does not seem to change, not even gradually. The neighbours 
Dorothee mentioned (those who do not understand that she wouldn't stop
working if she had a husband who can support her), are very typical, 
and their opinion is common in all age groups. 

Well, maybe this paints too dim a picture, but I really see the problems
here not mainly in the personal work environment (there, I have only seen
support), but in the public opinion, which influences politics and important
decisions. Besides I probably have been very lucky so far with my boss and

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