help again!

Ellie Ettehadieh eettehad at
Mon Jun 10 01:54:25 EST 1996

Hi all.

Some of you might remember from my previous help posts on this forum. 
First I would like to say that all the replies that I did get have helped
me alot.  Unfortunatley, I am still in need of advice.
refresher:  was doing my PhD but because of problems with my supervisor
decided to write my MSc and join the work force.
now: have finished writting the theses and still am looking for a job.  I
have gone to several interviews some of which have gone very well.  After
getting a rejection from the last interview, I finally figured out that it
was my supervisor that was giving bad reference and basically that is where
the problem is.  I found that out by talking to the head of the dept.  I do
have other reference which are very favorable but unfortunatley every
interview that I have gone to, the issue of who my supervisor is has come
up and they all want to talk to him which is very understandable.  I never
mentioned to them that I did have problems thinking that they would think I
am a trouble maker.  Right now I really feel like I am at the end of the
road, and really don't know how to over come this.  I have had 9 year of
schooling, been a good student and very productive and love science; can
not think of anything else to do that would be this much fullfilling for
Should I tell my possible future supervisors about my problems?? or should
I tell the my other references to tell people not to listen to my

any input will be very much appreciated


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