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Leonille Douglas lgd2389 at is.nyu.edu
Mon Jun 10 16:17:15 EST 1996

Hello everyone, 

I am an undergraduate journalism student but I am also very 
interested in biology.  For several reasons it is too late 
for me now to study for a major in journalism AND biology. 
Therefore I would like to take a masters degre in biology 
after I graduate. 
I realise that admission to graduate courses in biology 
require knowledge of the subject. Fortunately, New York 
University makes it possible for me to take 
undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry, 
neuro-science etc, even if they will not count towards a 
major in that subject. 
Would anyone have some advice on what courses I should 
take in order to maximize my chances of being accepted to a 
masters program in Biology even though I only got a BA in 
Also would anyone be able to give me some information on 
which graduate programms do not strictly require a biology 
major for admission?

I would be very thankful if you could e-mail me any advice.
My address is: lgd2389 at is.nyu.edu

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