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> Sarah Boomer wrote:
> > I have known women (and I'm sure there are quite a few men, too)
> > who have been denied post doc fellowships because they didn't pick up and
> > move across the country (which would have been difficult because of
> > family). 

> (Susan Jane Hogarth:) 
> Huh? _denied_??? What do you mean? - if you applied for a job across the
> I'd think you'd realise you had to _go to where the job was_ (doh!). In
that case, 
> you are not being _denied_ the job; you are simply not available to take
the position.

Susan, you misunderstood here. A number of prestigious private fellowships will
give awards only to people who are moving geographically. Staying at the
same University, even if switching mentors and departments - is judged to
be less valuable training than moving to a new location. This is pretty
much explicitly stated either in the application rules, or in the judging
guidelines. Having received one of these
postdoc fellowships (e.g., Helen Hay Whitney, Jane Coffin Childs) is a big
plus on
one's C.V. when applying for faculty jobs.

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