moving around/climate for women

Jane Dorweiler dorwe001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Wed Jun 12 14:17:21 EST 1996

Although I understand the concerns voiced on this thread, I would like to play 
devil's advocate for a moment.  

National Agencies granting fellowships for post-doctoral work are hoping to 
cultivate excellent faculty members.  Their rationale for encouraging or even 
requiring a relocation may include 1) a different perspective in one's training,
and 2) demonstrated mobility to facilitate accepting the best (or only) faculty 
position available upon completion of your post-doc.  

Also, someone mentioned Barbara McClintock.  My recollection is that between her
graduate career and her productive faculty career at CSH, she moved around quite
a bit.  Germany, Missouri, California and perhaps more.  For more details, See 
the Jan. 94 volume of Genetics for a well-written Obituary by Nina Federoff.  
She ended up back at CSH, perhaps in part due to the fact that few others had 
any intention of hiring and/or promoting a woman. 


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