help again!

Ellie Ettehadieh eettehad at
Wed Jun 12 02:20:12 EST 1996

> Actually, it is pretty common to have problems with a supervisor!  Your
> potential employers will not be surprised to hear about it.  You just
> need to have at least two other people who know you well to write letters
> on your behalf.  It is good if those letters can mention a personality
> conflict between you and your supervisor.  They don't need to assign
> blame at all, sometimes two people just can't work together and that is
> normal.  But they need to say that your problems with that supervisor do
> not reflect negatively on your ability to work as a team member or to do
> science effectively.
> Good luck, and keep trying- most of us could wallpaper the house with job
> rejection letters!
> Sarah Pallas

thanks for the reply Sarah, but are you saying that I should send the
letters of reference in with my resume material?? because I have just been
giving out the names of the references or saying that references available
upon request.


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