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>> I think part of the problem is that people entering graduate school
>> are not always aware of the road ahead of them.  I have found the
>> multiple moves involved in building a career in science to be
>> hard to take.  

>> I think, however it is important to let
>> prospective and new graduate students know multiple moves and
>> a willingness to then relocate where ever in the country (world)
>> you are offered a position is part of career in science at this point.

>Hear hear.  It's important that grad students are told more AND also,
>that they ASK  more  about many aspects of this profession.  Anyone
>contemplating graduate school should be thinking ahead and asking
>about their career options and what to expect.

Anyone who can get into Graduate School should be smart enough to
figure out the facts of life themselves.  Women are raised to think of
themselves as children dependent on others.  I've been in academia for
more than 20 years and have never heard such stuff.  Grow up.  DK

>-- susan

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