marine biology possible?

Shera Cave ladywolf at
Thu Jun 13 19:01:00 EST 1996

Well, here goes.  I've scanned the articles in this group and although I 
didn't quite find what I was looking for, I know what I am looking for is 
here somewhere!  

My impression is that this is a supportive environment for women in the 
biological sciences, however overwhelmed and overloaded it has become
with typical male undercutting, subterfuge, and self-titillation (mental 
masturbation?  ;-)

In line with this observation, I'd like to provide a new, non-male subject for
discussion (to everyone's immense relief, I'm sure).

I am a disabled veteran, female, 39 yrs old, and hoping to get into the marine
sciences somehow, as the sea has always been my first love.  My VA vocational
counselor says that considering my transcripts and test results, VA will 
authorize funding for any bachelor's degree I want, with the caveat that I have
to be physically capable, of course.  My voc. guy doesn't know much about 
careers in this field (go figure--this is Western Washington!) and wants me to
interview people who are actually in the marine sciences to hear their opinion
whether I am capable.

My disability is fibromyalgia--it means that my muscular tissues do not repair 
well, and I must be able to rest when I feel I need it.  I'm in a lot of pain, 
but function pretty well on meds.  I'm not housebound, can drive, shop, do 
yardwork, etc..

If one of you out there feels like sharing a short discussion with me about 
what she feels I can do in this field, or possible alternatives, please reply 
to me personally, at ladywolf at

Now, a short aside:  take a hint from some other women-centered spaces on the 
usenet scene, and meet male contention and provocation with silence.  It works 
like a charm, every time.  These people are only doing what they do because 
they don't have a life, and really, just want to titillate themselves.  They 
will move on if no one responds to them.  

ladywolf at

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