climate for women

Leemor Joshua-Tor leemor at CSHL.ORG
Thu Jun 13 14:18:45 EST 1996

>Is evryone suggesting that it would be "right" (or unobjectionalbe)
>for private fellowships to use height, eye color, or
>physical attractiveness as a criterion for awarding a
>fellowship to do science?

How about gender? Or race? Those aren't strictly "scientific" criteria either.
Do people in this group object to using those criteria?

Many fellowships encourage people to move to a different institution to get
better training, in order to promote excellence. It is expected that you should
be pretty familiar with what is going on in an institution in which you just
spent 4-5 years, not only with the research in your group but with the
research around you. In order to grow and develop scientifically and
technically you would have a much better chance if you don't stay at that
same institution. Fellowships are scarce and the agencies granting them
have a pretty large selection of excellent people to choose from these
days. Moving around in the scientific community may be hard, but it promotes
diversity, original thinking, bringing a fresh outlook to a new place
and it discourages internal promotion which can very often be political.

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